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Posted on Feb 24, 2015 in Career, Entrepreneurship

Lately I’m being reminded of one of the greatest and handiest things I learned working in a startup environment, specifically from my ex-boss and friend Quentin Bouche: FOCUS.

I met with one of my partners tonight, and he kind of sensed I’m trying to be Superman carrying the whole world on me, while not even Superman can do that. The whole world for me means a full-time job that I’m totally devoted to, a startup I’m building my own, part-time engagements, small-time projects, and some other things with the same keyword: TIME.

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Since I don’t have $500 to be able to enroll myself in this year’s Founder Institute program (calling for sponsors!) and since I’m also an advocate of Filipino entrepreneurship, I’m just gonna promote it here!
The Founder Institute Philippines is currently accepting applications for this year’s semester! The Final Admissions Deadline for the Manila Spring 2015 Program is March 15, 2015. For Early Admissions Deadline, you can apply until February 15.

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Car Insurance Philippines
Manila, PhilippinesThe Philippines’ first financial comparison platform is now ready to give its users the ability to compare and get car insurance plans in the Philippines, offering specific premium quotations based on car owners’ individual vehicle details.

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Published also on LinkedIn.

One thing I’m utterly proud of at the moment is that I love where I belong now and I love what I do. I was lucky enough to be able to discover my calling early in life. I’m 25 and I’m glad I don’t have to go through any quarter-life crisis of some sort. Three years ago, I decided the Internet is the way to go. It amuses me how the web has become the biggest media channel of our time, and information has indeed been commoditized and integrated in all aspects of human life.

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